Laser therapy helps relieve pain in pets suffering from acute and chronic conditions.
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Get $25 Off Your Pet's Dental Cleaning in 2018!*

Cat and Dog with Toothbrush

It is estimated that more than 85% of dogs and cats have some form of dental disease before the age of four.

Proper dental care for dogs and cats helps to not only prevent bad breath and discomfort for your pet, but can also eliminate the risk of serious liver and kidney problems down the road.

To celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month, New Palestine Veterinary Clinic is offering $25 off dental cleanings for dogs and cats beginning February 1st, 2018 all year long.

Call 317-861-4423 for more information or to book your pet's dental cleaning.

*Appointment must be scheduled within 30 days of doctor's recommendation.

For maximum protection for your pet, we are now carrying the newest Canine Influenza vaccines that cover the most common strains of the virus. 

Canine Influenza WarningCall us at (317) 861-4423 to check your pet’s vaccination status. If your dog has already had a physical exam recently, we can schedule a technician appointment to administer the vaccines.

We recommend that high-risk dogs (see below) be vaccinated with the current vaccines as soon as possible, in an effort to give them the most effective protection against the virus. Dogs getting the vaccines for the first time must receive a booster three weeks later, even if they have previously received the older Influenza vaccine. After the initial series, the vaccine is given annually.

What Is Canine Influenza?

Canine Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory virus that can cause severe disease and even death in extreme cases. We have recently seen a spike in the number of dogs in the area that have been exposed to the virus.

New Palestine Veterinary Clinic now offers high-quality digital dental x-rays to assess your pet's teeth and oral hygiene!

digital dental xraysDid you know that 60% of dental disease in pets is hidden below the gum line? With this new equipment, our veterinarians will be able to assess the integrity of an entire tooth (not just what is above the gum line), and any roots that are involved or compromised. Digital dental x-rays are vital in diagnosing underlying disease and prescribing proper treatment. We will also be able to store, print and email these digital files to share.

We are excited for this new addition and how it will improve our dental services for our clients! Our goal is to keep your pet's mouth healthy and pain free.


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