Tips for Great Vet Visits

Tips for Great Vet Visits
August 6, 2021

Have you ever wondered how you can make your visits in to see us go more smoothly? There are definitely some things that you can do to get the most out of your trips in to see us.  Here are our top five tips for great vet visits!

1.  Come prepared!

Be sure that someone knowledgeable about your pet's care is going to be available during the visit. We will have a lot of question about how your pet is doing at home and what foods and medications are being given. We may also need to ask permission for recommended treatments or tests. It can be helpful to write down questions you might have ahead of time so that nothing is forgotten. You might also want to review our wellness packages ahead of time to determine if they are something that might be beneficial for your pet.  Most of the frustration that can happen during a visit comes from not having the appropriate people present or available to discuss things. 

2.  Be on time!

We do our best to run on time, and while we aren't perfect, many times when we are running late it is because someone else arrived late. It takes time for us to check your pet in, get a thorough medical history, perform the examination and any treatments, and discuss recommendations without a rush. Arriving a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time allows us to give you and your pet our full attention.

3.  Bring Your Pet Hungry

If you have been in to see us, you know that we love to share treats with pets. Food can often be a great way for us to build trust, train, and distract during your pet's visit. Bring them hungry to increase their interest (anxiety can make food a little less appealing) or bring your own favorite treats from home especially if you have a picky pet or one with a sensitive tummy. 

4.  Ask about pre-visit medications

It is very common that animals are anxious when they come to see us. If you think that your pet exhibits signs of fear, anxiety, or stress in your dog or your cat there are often things that we can do or pre-visit medications we can provide to help diminish this. Likewise, if our team has recommended that your pet take pre-visit medications prior to coming, it is important to give them as prescribed to help your pet have a good visit. If you have questions or concerns with this, please communicate them to our team. If you are unhappy with the effects or side-effects, there are often adjustments that can be made to help make their visit better!

5.  Bring your pet to see us more often!

We love to see our patients for Happy Visits. These are no charge visits scheduled ahead of time with our team. These short, stress-free visits are designed to allow your pet to have a good experience at our hospital and build a good relationship. Depending on your pet's comfort level we may do things like meet staff, get on the scale or exam table, or get used to a stethoscope. Being familiar with the sights, sounds, smells, and people at the vet hospital can really help your pet have a less stressful visit next time. Call us today at (317) 861-4423 to schedule your pet's next Happy Visit. 

It's our goal for you and your pet to have a good experience at New Palestine Veterinary Clinic. Following these tips can help us to make that a reality.